Hair Care

Hair care is very important if you hope your human hair wigs last a long time. In order to keep the hair texture and let the hair soft all the time, please take good care of your wig. All of the wigs from Bejoy Hair Wigs are 100% human hair, so you should maintain your wig like your own hair.

1. How to Wash Human Hair Wig?

1.Warm water that fixed with good quality hair shampoo

2.Put some shampoo and hair conditioner inside

3.Put the hair inside the water and wash slowly and gently

4.Keep hair inside the warm water that fixed good quality hair conditioner 15-20min around

5.Use clean water wash it again

6.Let the hair air dry, do not put the hair under the sun or use hair dryer.

7.At last, a little oil could be helpful.

2. How to Brush Human Hair Wigs?

As we all know if you brush your own hair rough, you will find shedding hair on the brush, human hair wigs as well. 


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