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How To Color Your Hair Yourself? 

How To Color Your Hair Yourself? 

This is an interesting question. Why color your hair? 

Compared to the body, skin, temperament, the change of the hair is simply the best way to become charming. Of course, it's refreshing to be beautiful, but it can also be frowned upon without a good hairstyle. So, many of girls like to try and change their hair, it is the most popular way which should be both quick and seemingly painless. 

The change of hairstyle, in addition to straight change roll, the volume changes straight is and change the color, therefore, coloring the hair becomes the subjective demand naturally. On the other hand, Dyeing technology in the development of contemporary science has gradually and master.

Today I will share with you how to color your hair weaving, hope you can enjoy it.


How to color your hair?

How to choose the color?

First, Let's Talking About How To Color The Hair?

The material you will need:

Hair with closure 

Hair dye 

A brush 

A color bowl 

Plastic wrap 


A towel 

Aluminum foil 

A wide tooth comb.

The principle you should know: 

Principle 1: Be loyal to the primary 

Whether your hair's color is a natural or has changed when you select a new hair color, you must be loyal to your primary colors, choose according to your original hair color is tonal. Whether you want to be dyed deep or dye shallow, cannot distance your former color more than two Numbers of color, otherwise would be too exaggerated. 

Principle 2: Choose cool colors 

If you first dye your hair and use a "warm" color, it's easy to dye your hair to look dull, like sandpaper. So it's much safer to choose the colors that are cool or neutral. 

How To Color Your Hair Yourself? 

Step 1 Make sufficient reserves before dying. 

Usually a can of hair dye, enough for the middle hair people to use once (that is, hair to the shoulder area).If your hair is particularly long or particularly thick, make sure you have enough reserves before you dye your virgin hair bundles, or you'll be too embarrassed to get half your fuel.

Step 2 Use professional tools 

Hair colorings are usually available with a simple and limited use. So to have a better effect, go to the beauty shop to buy a more professional (or at least stronger) tool. For example, dyeing gloves cannot be just a thin layer of transparent plastic. 

Step 3 Be careful with your hair dye. 

The most common embarrassment of DIY dying is to make up the hair color and the original hair color is not consistent! Even if you use the same brand with the same color, if the dye is kept from the roots in the waiting process to repeat the color, it will cause the dye to be dyed differently. 

To prevent accidents, you can ask your friends to help you or find a three-sided mirror to see where the stain is coming from.If you want to make up for the color you have already dyed, use a comb to comb the hair dye to the ends of the hair for 5 minutes before washing, and then wash the hair together for 5 minutes. 

Step 4 After dyeing, the hair color is always new. 

The more precious your hair is, the better its color will be. Therefore, after dyeing hair, choose to wash the products with dyed hair, at least once a week.

Step 5 Nature covered white hair. 

If you dye hair is in order to cover a lot of white hair, then choose one in the middle of the white hair color and your days of a number of colors, this color looks more natural, and even if a new long hair should not be too abrupt. 

Step 6 Be careful of curly hair. 

Because curl is dry, natural also easy to absorb hair dye, the color is faster than straight hair, natural more easily damaged.So when you dye your hair or closure, reduce the dye component by 4 points and 1, replace it with distilled water, and mix it up and use it as usual. 

Step 7 Try more colors. 

Hair color is actually more like an adornment, so you can choose the color that you do not choose normally, slightly shallow, a little deep, very likely will appear to let you overjoyed the color.If you're afraid of "getting lost," you can choose to spray your hair or dye your hair. 

Warm up: Please do not wash your hair before the hair dye waiting time.

Next, Let Us Talk About How To Choose The Hair Color. 

Dark-skinned girls want to use the popular hair color to make them look a little whiter. When choosing a hair color, don't try those colors that are too bright. Maybe it's beautiful, but it doesn't match your dull complexion. For darker skin color dye color selection tips, read this article and check it out. 

How To Choose The Color? 

Dark-skinned girls with dark skin, it is best not to choose black, all long straight hair dyed linen texture maroon, so your face will look a lot of white. 

Many girls will be the long straight hair from the shoulder position down the big wave perm, the whole hairstyle becomes a lot of fashion trends, you can dye all the long hair dark maroon so that girls dull skin color will immediately look bright and translucent. 

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What You Should Know About Lace Front Wigs

What You Should Know About Lace Front Wigs

With so many different styles of wigs on the marketplace, picking a wig can be pretty confusing. There are lace front wigs, human hair wigs and several other wig-like hairpieces for women. In this buying guide, we take you from A to Z of buying wigs.

What Is A Wig?

A wig is a head covering that’s typically made from either human hair or animal hair, although some wigs are made with synthetic fibers. 

What Is A Lace Front Wig?

Lace front human hair wigs attempt to create the illusion of natural hair growth along the hairline.They are made of the Highest Quality Indian, Chinese, or European Remy Hair (your choice of which), where the hairs are hand tied onto a fragile lace base. 

This illusion generally improves the natural appearance of the hair and allows the wearer to style the wig away from their face without revealing that the fact they’re wearing a wig. 

Why Wear Wigs?

Wigs are worn for many reasons.

Some people simply want to hide their hair loss, as wearing a wig can be far less intrusive (and cheaper) than restoring hair through surgery or even installing hair extensions. Wigs for cancer patients are also very common.

Some women use wigs like apparel, as an opportunity to periodically change-up their appearance. In film, it’s common for actors and actresses to use wigs to suit the characters they portray.

However, real human hair wigs also has some shortcomings of its own. For instance, it requires a lot of maintenance. Just like with  natural, you need to put in a lot of effort to care for it. 

Reasons Many Women Love Lace Front Wigs 

1.They Provide a Natural Looking Hairline:front lace wigs for black women are excellent when you want to keep your wig a closely guarded secret. The invisible sheer lace front is designed to blend with your skin’s complexion to create the illusion of natural hair growth along the hairlines.

2.Lace frontals offer their owners much needed style versatility. You usually have more versatility to style it different ways which also adds to the believability and natural look!

3.Also, front lace wigs are extremely durable thanks to the lace material that is used to manufacture them.Front lace wigs are also breathable than an ordinary wig.

4.Wearing a protective style, lace wigs specifically, allows your own hair to rest between styles away from the harsh elements that occur naturally in the environment and from the things we do to our hair to look the way we want to look, like using heat and coloring… 

5..People that wear lace front wigs can participate in all sorts of activities without worrying that their wig will be detected.

3 Tips To Get The Best Out Of Your Lace Front Wig 

1. Hide Your Natural Hair: We recommend that you pull back your hair and secure it before you wear the wig. This will ensure that none of your hair is accidentally exposed under the lace front. 

If for whatever reason you don’t have hair, simply align the lace front with your natural hairline to create a seamless transition from your skin to the wigs artificial hairline. 

2. Match It To Your Skin Tone: This is how many women have done it for years.

3.Handle The Wig With Care: The lace on the wig is made out of a very delicate material. Ensure that you handle it with care every time you take it off or wash it. 

If you feel that you need to trim your wig, we recommend that you take it to a professional. The lace may unravel if you try to trim it yourself. 

How Will It Fit You? 

How the wig fits depends on your measurements. The measurements are the most important part of your custom ordering process. You must measure your head at 6 different points with a flexible tape measurer.  

1.) Circumference

2.) From Front to Nape

3.) Ear to Ear Across Front Hairline

4.) Ear to Ear Over Top of Head

5.) Temple to Temple

6.) Nape of Neck.   

How to install and style your lace frontal wig at Home! Here is a great protective style for natural hair for you!

How To Choose Wigs?

Consider style length:As a rule, shorter "shake-n-go" styles are easiest to care for. Longer synthetic styles require a little more maintenance. A common mistake women make is choosing a style that's too long, which might not only be more work, but may overwhelm their features. 

Consider your lifestyle:What does your typical day involve? Will you be wearing your wig every day, or only occasionally? These questions, as well as others concerning your work, recreational and social activity, may affect which style you choose. Be sure to keep your typical daily or weekly activities in mind as you try different wigs. 

Customizing your style:Before wearing your wig for the first time, take it to your hairstylist and have them trim the bangs and sides to suit your face. If you plan on coloring a human hair wig, we recommend having your hairstylist do it.

Choose a color that flatters:Many women feel most comfortable selecting a shade that matches their natural hair color. To do so, we recommend looking at your hair and color samples together under natural light to determine which color most closely resembles your own. 

Washing And Care

1.Brush hair in sections (bottom, middle, top) from top to bottom with a wide tooth comb. Do not over brush, cut off excess tangles as desired.

2.Gently wash the hair in lukewarm water

3.Rinse thoroughly in cold water and shake off excessive water. (Do not wring hair)

4.Air dry the hair. Do not use a blow dryer to dry the hair.

5.Styles as desired. 

So, now that you know the benefits of buying front lace wigs and the ways in which you can choose the best one for you, what are you waiting for? Hit our wig store and choose one of the best quality lace wigs for yourself to boost you looks.

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Know more about Clip in

Know more about Clip in


  Clip-in hair extensions are the good choice for adding length, volume and color to your own hair! They can transform your look by giving you longer, fuller hair in a matter of minutes. ... They attach using pressure sensitive clips so they don't cause damage to your hair.


1.Easy to apply

2.Freedom to put them on and remove them whenever you want

3.You can buy them in multiple colors and styles to change up your look on a regular basis


Because clip in hair extensions aren't attached to the scalp they don't get oily like your own locks, so it's rare that you'll have to wash them. That being said, if they're in need of a freshen up it's easy enough to clean them... After removing your clip-ins, brush them through and use a mild shampoo formulated for coloured hair. Using warm water, be gentle and rinse thoroughly, then hang to air dry.


Detangle your hair before washing it, and before going to bed. 

Wash your hair every other day using a gentle shampoo. 

Take care where you apply the conditioner.

Dry your hair all the way to the roots. 


Starting at the lower back section of your head, use a tail comb or index finger to divide (horizontally part) your hair, at the lower back of the head i.e. just below one ear to the second ear.

Attached from the bottom up. Starting at the lowest point on the hairline, and using a tail comb or your index fingers, create a part where you wish to section off the hair.

Clip your remaining hair, firmly on the top of your head, to keep it out of the way as you fit the wefts.

Take the first weft from your pack of Clip in Hair Extensions. The first weft should be long enough, so that the weft is wide enough to sit along the back of your hairline. Then open all the clips so they are ready to be inserted into your hair.

Next take one of the wider hair wefts and insert the opened centre clip just below the parting. Insert the snap clip on your hair not on the raw scalp.  Snap the clip shut, so it grips your hair. Repeat with the remaining clips.

Release the hair you held out of the way and create a new parting. To do this, comb down a layer of hair, with about half an inch or so between each weft layer.  Each time secure the extra hair, on top of your head.

Run your fingers along the weft to make sure it lies flat against your head along the entire width. If there are any gaps, correct this by snapping the clip open, lifting it off hair and repositioning it so that the weft lies flat.

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